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Why Horror Movies Are Actually Really Good for You

While you may watch from behind your hands, horror movies are actually really good for your health. It may be surprising, especially considering how much your heart races. However, it’s the racing heart that is good. If you’re really scared then opt for a short horror film, but you will benefit in these four ways. […]

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The comfiest Place to enjoy your Favorite Movie

Can you still remember the last movie you watched in the theater? You may have observed that nearly every other weekend there’s a new release comic book movie if you have been to the cinemas recently. Big hits movies like Captain America, Wonder Woman, Thor, Batman VS Superman, and much more that became your favorite […]

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How to pick the best Music for DJ Mixes

Why is a DJ stick out in the rest? Could it be the gear they will use? Could it be the look they project? Could it be the emblem or how they are in a position to get huge crowds? Not always. What truly constitutes a DJ is the capability to select music that will […]

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